Yes & Maybe.

If you’re a casual gamer like myself just try Stadia you’ll get an extra month of Pro and I’ll also get an extra month so thank you!

The Nintendo Switch changed gaming for me. I really enjoy getting to choose where to play, I even “downgraded” to…

(Morpheus Voice) What if I told you, that you can automatically spin PokéStops, What if I told you, that you can capture Pokémon all without opening your phone.

(Ash’s Voice ) Can’t you just do that with the Pokémon GO Plus watch thingy…?

(o_o) Hrmm… (clears throat), yea but it’s…

It’s a great looking case! I really loved that Google designed the case with fabric and added a different color on the power button.

Why then, am I returning it?

Two reasons;

  • Have you ever been flipping through papers and have that dry feeling on your finger tips that’s just odd? Well that’s how my whole hand felt with this in my hand.
  • The finger scanner cut-out. The finger scanner swipe gesture on the Pixel 2 to pull down system options is one of my favorite features on this device. This case makes it a bit more difficult to perform that gesture, than it is without a case.

Finally, I really enjoy the feel of the phone without a case. I don’t want to add more bulk to it. I’d love to find a thin silicone based case for this device.

I was going to write a review on Google’s Cement case for the Pixel 2 XL. After snapping a close up picture in low-light I noticed a bright blue-ness, by the volume controls…odd.

I then took a picture of the wall and lo and behold more of the blue circle.

Anet A8

The Anet A8 is a cost-effective FDM (Fused deposition modeling). It’s a clone of a more expensive printer by Prusa. You can find some deals in the range of $120 — $200 USD.

It’s a great introduction to 3D printing because of the low cost, and big community around it…

Many years ago, when I was learning about SEO the one phrase that stood out to me more than anything was “Content is King.”

For many years the phrase has simply meant, providing useful content will result in better search engine rankings.

How narrow minded have I truly been? “Content…

I’m going to scope this article on the dynamic import (in Stage 3) proposal to just React and React components with in the context of Create React App.

This article posted May 18, 2017, by Dan Abramov on the React blog, boils the dynamic import function as a means of…

The truth is you already know how to code. Don’t believe me?

Check it out, imagine you and I are hanging out (you’d be so lucky), and you whisper “Hey, you hungry?”. I reply “Starving!”.

You can already imagine the rest of this conversation.”What do you want to eat?”, “I…

Up until this weekend I’ve never used Go, never setup a GraphQL server, nor have taken advantage of Neo4j. I’m no genius, just hard headed and persistent.

I’m not an expert in Go, GraphQL, nor Neo4j, this was written in hopes to get you started on a track.

A little pep, Go’s a long way

I started…

Every point of light is a solar system you may visit.

If I’m not mistaken the correct amount has been noted to be 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets. Just to give you some perspective:

1,000,000 million
1,000,000,000 billion
1,000,000,000,000 trillion
1,000,000,000,000,000 quadrillion
1,000,000,000,000,000,000 quintillion

In addition, it has been estimated that it would…

Magbic Aleman

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